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Investment Advisory Services | Sterling Financial Partners

Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advisory Services


Professionally Managed Investment Portfolios


The Optimized Portfolio System ™  (TOPS™)

The Cornerstone of our many Investment Management Platforms is our utilization of the TOPS™ Portfolios.  TOPS™ Portfolios are built upon Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s).  ETF’s hold baskets of securities which trade intraday on exchanges at market price, and shares are not individually redeemed from the fund, and ETF’s seek to track a market index, before fees and expenses.  They offer better diversification, risk management, lower fees, lower taxes, liquidity, and access to sectors, and global markets.

The TOPS™ Portfolio is a Goal based Asset Allocation System which creates efficiency in the investment process through asset allocation by minimizing capital gain inefficiencies.  The TOPS™ Portfolio allows us many advantages.  Holdings are published daily, and each benchmark represents a specific market segment allowing risks to be managed more efficiently due to transparency.  Exchange traded Funds have a cost advantage keeping your overall portfolio expenses low. For more information about our TOPS™ Portfolio  CLICK HEREThe TOPS™ Portfolio has a minimum investment requirement of $100,000.

Also available for clients looking to further reduce investment portfolio volatility is The TOPS™ Protection Strategy.  This strategy draws on sophisticated risk mangemnt technigues similiar to those used by insurance companies.  It allows for a carefully portioned dose of equity exposure (volatility management) combined with a capital protection strategy that cushions against equity losses.  This maintains the investment in equities while providing much greater certainty that the plan can avoid large losses during market downturns.  The TOPS™ Protection Strategy has a minimum investment requirement of $150,000.


Fee-Based Mutual Fund Platform

Sterling Financial Partners offers a fee-based mutual fund platform offering no-load and load-waived mutual funds.  It is an asset management program where we develop fund specific portfolios as well as the availability of institutional money managers.  Through our affiliation with FTJ FundChoice this platform offers over 1700 mutuals funds from over 240 fund families.  A great solution for accounts less that $100,000.