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Achieving Retirement Clarity (A.R.C.) | Sterling Financial Partners

Achieving Retirement Clarity (A.R.C.)

Climbing to the peak of a mountain is considered by many to be one of life’s greatest achievements. Experienced climbers know that the key to achieving their goal is planning and preparation. Without focused planning and proper preparation, the journey can quickly turn disastrous. Consider the many climbers who have attempted to tackle Mount Everest—only 30% have made it to the peak. The difference is in the level of planning and preparation.

Like climbing, retirement planning begins with the goal of reaching a peak. For most of us, that peak is a well-funded retirement plan. But just as with climbing, unless we adequately plan and prepare, we are unlikely to achieve our goal.

Learn about why this happens in Retirement Planning in this video below:



In climbing, focused planning means crafting a well thought-out route that takes into consideration the unique landscapes and challenges of the mountain. In retirement planning, it means building a plan that takes into consideration our personal goals and objectives. This plan may include strategies built around retirement savings, education savings, income protection, creditor protection, investment management, tax planning and more.


Proper preparation when climbing means having the right equipment to withstand unexpected events such as high winds, storms and avalanches. The best climbers are prepared for these circumstances even though they do not always encounter them. The same is true for retirement planning. We may face unexpected events such as job loss, sickness, disability or premature death while saving for retirement. So we must equip ourselves with tools to manage these unexpected and potentially devastating events.


Focused planning and proper preparation are needed now more than ever when it comes to building a retirement plan. Unfortunately, for many the task is simply too overwhelming and complex. What is missing is a clear process for how to do it. This has led us to create a comprehensive approach for “Achieving Retirement Clarity” called The ARC Process™. The process involves performing a detailed cash flow analysis which is then used to create a custom plan for achieving our retirement goals. The process then incorporates into our plan the necessary risk management tools designed to protect us from unexpected events in life that might obstruct our path and hinder us from successfully reaching retirement’s peak.